Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh


"FROZEN C is a revolutionary device combining the best in CO2 cryotherapy at -78º Celsius for pain reduction and future aesthetic applications. The key to this technology is the use of sensors to provide feedback to maintain the proper temperature range. To date, this unique device offers an excellent option for integrating CO2 cryotherapy into your clinical practice."

Dr. Stephen J. Ronan


“I’m aggressively building both my surgical and non-surgical practices. FROZEN C is a nice stand alone and adjunctive minimally invasive procedure that augments my non-surgical practice. It’s a low cost for entry and can be used on virtually any patient that walks in your office, something I find valuable.”

Dr. Liu & Dr. Kwon

Headshot of two doctors

"At Avant Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery we make it our mission to bring the latest in technology to our patients and we are thrilled to add FROZEN C to our protocols for everything from treating painful Acne to offering pain free injectables and even reducing inflammation after surgical procedures!”


Dr. Monica Bonakdar

Dr. Monica Bonakdar headshot

“We are using FROZEN C for painless injections & an entire protocol of facials. One of the biggest patient worries concerning injectable muscle relaxer or dermal fillers is the fear of pain. A

quick pre-procedure FROZEN C experience relieves this fear & injection pain. FROZEN C facials result in flawless, poreless skin with more uniform coloring, improving rosacea type redness due to its effect on vasculature.”

Dr. Steven F. Weiner

Dr. Weiner headshot

"We are very excited to offer Frozen C at Aesthetic Clinique. What stands out about FROZEN C is the medical science and research that’s been done. Pore improvement, painful acne treatment, and better recovery from procedures are some of its benefits. It also stimulates collagen and elastin, and improves rosacea. It’s safe, with temperature monitoring and a “spot alignment system” to keep at the proper distance from the skin. 

I am using FROZEN C to improve comfort during injections with less bruising too. For laser and RF Microneedling procedures, cooling the skin leads to less adverse events and faster recovery. I might need 2 or 3 units as our patients start to request FROZEN C for their acne, facials, and minimally invasive procedures!"

Dr. George R. Jennings


“I’m excited to have the FROZEN C at Shoals Plastic Surgery. The ability to treat active acne, stimulate collagen, lessen pain with other procedures, and enhance other laser treatments gives FROZEN C an integral position in my practice.”

FROZEN C Comfort Featured

Dr. Steven Weiner featured FROZEN C Comfort on The Doctors Show, Episode 12058, during a live performance of his ReJAWvenation procedure. The patient had a painless experience & no downtime, with the filler injected via blunt cannula due to the powerful numbing affects of FROZEN C Comfort. 

See the Episode Clip Here